Everyone experiences problems and dilemmas during their lives. Often we find ways to resolve these on our own, but sometimes we can't find a way that works; that's when therapy can help. Therapy is talking things over with someone who's not involved, and who has experience and expertise in helping people. Through the process of talking, new ways of thinking about problems and ways forward can emerge. You might like to consider setting up a session to see what it's like.

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therapy for individuals

Sometimes people want to discuss a difficulty without involving anyone else, even if someone else is part of the story. Sometimes they want help with problems they consider to be their own. Read more >

therapy for couples

Therapy can provide a quiet and private place in which to discuss any difficulties that you and your partner may have. It often feels safe to say things in the session that cannot be said elsewhere. Read more >

therapy for families

"Family" to me, means any group of people who call themselves a family. I work with as many members of a family as choose to come, even if the person they are worried about is not present. Read more >